Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy 5 Months Paytain Ryder!

Paytain Ryder-Kole,

you are 5 months old today and I dont know where the time has gone! Its went soo fast and in these 5 months you have done so much growing and I am blessed that I get to watch you grow everyday! In the last 5 months you have learned to roll over, play with your toys and you are eating your baby food really well now! And you can now hold your baby mum mums all by yourself! Your smile lights up my whole life and I now know the meaning of turely loving someone! You have giving me a new meaning to life! Daddyy will be home next week and it is the first time that he has seen you since you were 2 weeks old! You see he loves you very much and is very sad that he is missing out on these important times in your life, but he is doing something very important he is in Iraq and he is fighting for our freedom so that mommyy can watch you grow everyday and not have to worry about weather or not you are gonna be ok! So daddyy will be home next week and he is excited to be able to spend time with you! I love you Paytain Ryder-Kole Montgomery and I thankful for you everyday! :)