Friday, August 7, 2009

Keep pushing me!

So I'm pretty sick of the way people try and make things seem one way when there really another way..which is fine keep pushing me and nobody will have anything to do with me or my son! and really he doesnt need YOU! Nobody wants to see where I'm coming from and I dont know if they think that I'm just joking when I say try me but I'm about at my wits if you dont believe me then please be my guess and test me...My mother in law is the type of person that can find 25 million ways to get on your damn nerves! First she tells me that she will watch Paytain while I go to school now she cant cause she has to worry about Jacob isnt that a mean thing to say to a person?? How does she think that makes her other grandson feel?? and then after you tell her you dont want to talk to her she just shows up at your house MAN people cant take the HINT!!!!!

On another note my mothers birthday is tomorrow and she is having a party sooo that is gonna be a fun way to let go and stop thinking about things for awhile! AND Jessica is coming down and I'm soo excited cause I miss her soo much!!!

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