Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Its been awhile...

Ok so I'm the worst blogger ever!!! I havent blogged in soo long! Well I guess its time to update! My baby boy Paytain Ryder-Kole is now 4 months old today! He is the cutest Little boy ever! and he is gettin SOOO big and smart! he is tryin his hardest to sit up on his own and he has almost mastered it! He makes me soo proud and always wakes up and HAPPY baby which makes me feel like I am doing something right lol! He is starting to roll over and its the cutest! I LOVE HIM SOO much! He completes me:)
...On another note John will be home in just a few weeks! and I am soo excited I cant stand it I miss the love of my life more than anyrthing and plus I'm really excited about getting my new ring lol:) He will be home for 2 15 days and I am gonna cherish ever moment of it! I love him so much also! I love my family:)

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  1. Time goes by so fast with a little one, doesn't it???? I can't believe he is already trying to sit up!!!! I bet you are so excitied for John to be coming home! Have fun!