Saturday, October 17, 2009

Running around

Yesterday we have done alot of running! Paytain Ryder and I went to grayson with Nana and Gmal to get floor for our tralior it wasnt as much as I thought it would be and it is really pretty! We also went to the mall and Paytain had his 1st trip to Cheddar's! He slept most of the time! Went to Lowe's and got the stuff I need for the toliet! I'm really excited to get my tralior finished so we can move in! It will be done before John gets home so we will have a place of our own to stay! So yesterday I bought something for me for once lol I got myself a hevy jacket because I have a feeling it is going to be a cold WINTER! I hate the cold weather! I also bought 2 bras form Victoria's Secret because they were 2 for 32 dollars and that to me is a really good deal! But of course if I get me something Ryder gets something too! He got bibs that say my daddy is my hero and a new car set because his old one sucks really bad it was really hevy! And he got a toy for his car set that sings! Well I tried to post this last night but Ryder was fighting his sleep really really bad and the little booger wouldnt let me do anything and then I ended up falling asleep with him Ha!
...Thats all for now..more later!

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