Friday, October 16, 2009

Roll Over Paytain Ryder!

A couple of days ago Paytain Ryder and I were at Andrea's house with Gage, Brittany and Mialyn and I laid Paytain on the floor and he rolled over from his belly to his back! He done this several time! I wasnt able to get the camra out in time to video it but luckly yesterday morning I put him on his belly and he did it again and I was able to video it for his daddyy! He is only 4 months old but he is already soo big I love him so much! We wish daddyy was here everyday to watch me grow! But we do what we have till until he comes home! He will be here next month for 15 days and we are so excited!

I put Paytain in his hair chair today and he is so BIG he can sit up in it and he looks so cute! He is doing good with his baby food! He loves banana's and sweet potato's! He hates squash and peaches, he likes green beans alright! Everything else he likes ok! I'm posting some pictures of him eating now..

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